OceanLED 3010 XFM HD Gen 2

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Pro Series 3010 XFM HD Gen 2 Ultra White 001-500748 | Midnight Blue 001-500749 

XCHANGEABLE FLUSH MOUNT Xchangeable Flush Mounts, are just that – they’re exchangeable without hauling should servicing or upgrading ever be needed.

RETROFITTING Retrofit with XFM for benefits of no startup power surge, low heat, minimal maintenance, and improved light output compared to metal halide.


60° Top Beam Angle60° Top Beam Angle Up to 7000 Fixture Lumens20° Side Beam Angle
20° Side Beam AngleUp to 11000 Fixture    Elliptical Beam Elliptical Beam    

  • Xchangeable from Inside the Hull
  • 100mm (4”) Hole
  • 12/24V DC (AC Upgrade Option)
  • Aluminium Bronze AB2 Bezel/ Hard Anodized Aluminium Body
  • Plug & Play
  • Factory Sealed Unit


  • Midnight Blue
  • Ultra White


Light Engine
12/24V DC Driver w/Power Cable
2m/6’ Connection Cable
Quick Install Guide


Lumens 19600
Fixture Lumens 11000
Typical LED life expectancy 40,000+ Hours
Minimum-Maximum operating voltage DC 9-32V DC
Minimum-Maximum operating voltage AC (AC/optional) 90-270V AC
Current / Amp draw (DC) 12V DC 8.2A / 24V DC 4A
Current / Amp draw (AC/optional) 110V AC 50/60HZ 8.2A / 240V AC 50/60HZ 4A
Driver type External

Mounting Recommendations

Boat size up to and over 65’ (20m)
Transom / Hull spacing 3-5’ (1-1.5m)
Transom quantity 2-6
Hull quantity 4+/side
Maximum hull thickness 4” (100mm)
Installation depth (to top of fixture) 10-12in (250-300mm)


Diameter of fixture 6 19/64” (160mm)
Profile (height) of fixture 0.54” (13.7mm)
Total weight including electrical driver 11.2lbs (5.1kgs)
Extension cable length (standard-hard wired to light) 6 1/2’ ( 2m)
Hole cut-out for cable entry 4” (100mm)
Material Aluminium Bronze AB2
Lens Tritonium™ Optical Lens


Delrin Isolation Sleeve for 2010/COLOURS XFM 001-500573
Locking Nut Kit for 2010 XFM 001-500398
2m (6.5’) Plug & Play Extension Cable (Gen2) 001-500753
6m (19.5’) Plug & Play Extension Cable (Gen2) 001-500754
4 Way V DC Power Junction Box 001-500247
Pro Series HD Gen2 AC/Mains Power Pack 001-500755
PDF icon Pro Series 3010 XFM Spec Sheet
PDF icon Pro Series Installation Manual