OceanLED M6 Gen2 Ultra White Or Warm White Mast lights

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OceanLED M6 Gen2 Mast Series 011203W 011204WW

The M6 Gen2 Mast Series Light from OceanLED is perfect for
illuminating your rigging.

The new M6 Gen2 Mast Series light from OceanLED is 50% brighter than its previous model with an improved design. The narrow beam angle helps focus the powerful LEDs, enhancing the natural beauty of your vessel,
making It perfect for illuminating your rigging. Suitable for aluminium, steel and composite rigs on all sizes of boats ranging from sportfishing to larger yachts. Easy to install, sturdy, weatherproof and exceptionally easy to maintain. Ultra low power draw, reverse polarity protection.

  • Always find your boat when moored on an anchorage
  • Eliminate poorly lit areas and the likelihood of tripping
  • Easy to install / backwards compatible fittings with original M6
  • Almost 1.5x brighter than original M6
  • Circular beam gives large deck footprint
  • Brighter and more durable than a HID light
  • Enhance the lines of your boat at night


60° Top Beam Angle 36° Top Beam                       Up to 7000 Fixture Lumens  Up to 660 Fixture Lumens
20° Side Beam Angle 38° Side Beam                      Circular Beam Angle Circular Beam


  • Ultra White
  • Warm White


M6 Light and Cable
In-line Fuse Kit
Mounting Screws
Quick Install Guide


Lumens 970
Fixture Lumens 660
Minimum-Maximum operating voltage DC 40,000+ Hours
Typical LED life expectancy 9-32V DC
Current / Amp draw (DC) 12V DC 0345A / 24V DC 0.22A
Driver type internal, Reverse Polarity Protected



Total weight 460g (1.01 lbs)
Cable length 22' (10m)
Hole cut-out for cable entry 1/2" (12.5mm)
Material Chemically resistant optical polymer