OceanLED Sport S3124s Dual White / Blue 012103BW

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OceanLED Sport S3124s Dual Colour White / Blue 012103BW

Advanced optics, designed exclusively by OceanLED create an optically efficient 90˚ top beam angle with a focused 20˚ side beam displaying a striking amount of water penetration and a significantly larger illuminated area. With twice the amount of LEDs as its competitors, the dual colour S3124s is the leader in its class. Simply toggle the power between white, blue, strobe and fade modes.

• Twice the amount of LEDs than its competitors, illuminating a larger area.
• 60% narrower focused side beam angle providing greater water penetration.
• True 90˚ beam angle with no fading at the edge gives better illumination

Outstanding performance from this small, bright light makes it the obvious choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

90˚/20˚ BEAM ANGLE
A true wide-angled, focused beam lights up a large area of the water.

Made from corrosion resistant Alu Bronze, there is a lot packed into this 10cm light.

SIMPLE TO INSTALL 12.5mm hole in the hull to feed the cable through and 3 screws to hold in place. No bonding required.

Thanks to its Tritonium coating, a simple wipe of the lens removes any underwater growth, saving hours of scrubbing each time you use it.

ADVANCED MODES Randomised strobing with fish-strobe and fade between blue/white. Select your desired startup colour.

ATC prevents overheating. In the event of overheating the ATC system will reduce the LED power level in order to protect the LEDs, or in extreme cases, turn off the fixture completely.


60° Top Beam Angle90° Top Beam Angle      Up to 7000 Fixture LumensUp to 3000 Fixture Lumens
20° Side Beam Angle20° Side Beam Angle    Rectangular Beam Rectangular Beam

  • 60% narrower focused side beam angle providing greater water penetration.
  • True 90˚ beam angle with no fading at the edge gives better illumination.
  • Twice the amount LEDs than its competitors, illuminating a significantly larger area.
  • Compact and simple design
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Fish-Strobe Mode



  • Midnight Blue / Ultra White


Sport Series LED Light and Cable
In-line Fuse Kit
Mounting Screws
Quick Install Guide


Lumens 5600
Fixture Lumens 3000
Typical LED life expectancy 40,000+ Hours
Minimum-Maximum operating voltage DC 9-32V DC
Current / Amp draw (DC) 12V DC 3.6A / 24V DC 1.7A
Driver type Internal

Mounting Recommendations

Boat size up to 65’ (20m)
Transom / Hull spacing 2-4’ (0.5-1.2m)
Transom quantity 2-6
Installation depth (to top of fixture) 8-10” (20-25cm)


Total weight 0.70kg
Extension cable length (standard) 9.84’ (3m)
Hole cut-out for cable entry 1/2” (12.5mm)
Material AB2 Aluminium Bronze
PDF icon S3124s Sport Spec Sheet
PDF icon Sport Series Installation Manual
PDF icon Sport Quick Start Guide