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OceanLED Adds A New Underwater Light To The Sport Series

OceanLED Adds A New Underwater Light To The Sport Series

Global Underwater Light Leader Adds Sport S3124s Dual Colour Light To Their Portfolio

OceanLED, the global leader in marine LED lighting, today introduced its new Sport S3124s as the latest addition to the Sport series. Engineered specifically for sport fishing and active cruising, the advanced underwater LED Sport S3124s light packs a powerful 3,000 fixture lumens punch in a stylish dual Ultra White and Midnight Blue light option.

Sport S3124s

Ideal for small to medium-sized boats, OceanLED’s Sport S3124s is a compact unit built from corrosion resistant aluminium bronze with an overall diameter of 100mm. It is simple to install and easy to keep clean and is the perfect light to illuminate the water around and under the boat.

“After recently introducing the Sport series, the easy thing for us to do would be to take the existing light and just split the 16 LEDs half blue and half white. Whilst that seems ok for our competitors Ocean LED believed the resulting light output would not meet our high expectations and that of our customers” said Charles Stuart, Managing Director of OceanLED. “We redesigned the S3124s and managed to incorporate 12 white LEDs and 12 blue LEDs giving 24 in total. The result, in conjunction with the Sports bespoke optics, ensure the S3124s delivers Best In Class output”

The bespoke optics used in Sport S3124s delivers a true 90˚ surface-beam giving a wide spread, illuminating more of the water around the boat. Below the water the focused 20˚ side-beam allows the light to penetrate much further with no surface or deep water loss. The optics play an essential part in brightness and area illuminated, power is not that significant if you don’t focus it.

Sport Light Penetration

A diagram showing the side view of where the light hits in the sea
The OceanLED Sport S3124s has 7 modes; single colours, dual colour, colour fade and can also be switched “fish-strobe” mode, emitting a random strobe pattern in either single colour or dual colour that is proven to attract extra bait-fish and helps to catch more fish.

The new OceanLED Sport S3124s are available and are priced at 529.00 USD

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